The heart can only take so much, save it while you can! Afterall , nothing visible is meant to last in our eyes. You can see the rain surging high around you, and yet it keeps escaping your firmest grip. You can hear the echoes rushing thick in your direction, and yet it keeps escaping your softest grasp. You could scale a wall, you could cross a bridge if only it matters to your stand, but would you jump a cliff when the matter is already out of your hands. Your whole is at the mercy of your hope, when you gave a part of you in exchange for a fact you thought was a flair you would not want to do without.

You found the pieces of the peace you were after in sharing your soul in the pit, and later realized such had to be life else you must have been a fool born in the noon. You were not wrong to believe in the air filling your nostrils, but you were wrong to think it could keep you alive for another season. This is not letting go, it is closing the door before you get too stuck or really mobbed. You never had the dream to cuddle, you only had the chance to wait. Your moon was right up when the night came, yet her star would not blink even for you. Your sun was bold when the day broke, yet her trees would not green let alone give. What else would you not have given if only she had asked but she would not bulge. Your heart pumped the blood, your eyes held back the drops only for her cares to slip away deliberately. You could have stayed engrossed forever, but you have only got a while yourself. You could not imagine what is happening to you until you begin to clamour  for stolen moments already lost in her memoirs. How long would you still hold your breath under the waters if you knew your life outside it would not count either. You were not taken for granted actually, you were not just at the same frequency, and the signal of your bond was fading away rapidly.

Sometimes, every heart needs a break to breathe, and every door needs a closure to fit, this might be what is left of your sanity. It is not your fault, it may be your turn to fall, and rise again so you could learn how to shut your heart when no entrance to it is healthy. Even if you carry the best of heart there is in the world, it can only take so much. Close the door so you could stay alive long enough to open it when it is inevitable and affordable. For life is only memorable when the moments are made remarkable by willing and adorable hearts.

Godfrey O. Emuze