It’s official, just in case you have  not come to terms with it, it is official!.

This is 2017, and I want to specially welcome you into the  new year. I believe with a little good charm of diligence and divine favor, it will surely be our best year ever.

Now, looking back just a moment, 2016 was such a WOW-YEAR, i doubt anyone would be able to forget that year in a hurry. The intrigues, the victories, the misses, the chances, the surprises, and even the fun all add up to make the year remarkable. Like most people, it does well to be grateful for another year to try again and rewrite the story of success or start afresh the journey of success whatever is waiting for us in the road.

The last part of an outgoing year or the very beginning of a new year is exactly the proper time to set new goals, visions, resolutions, and dreams for the new year for as many poised to make the best out of it. But if you have not done so already, well, it is not too late.

Pick up your pen and diary, and WRITE OUT YOUR VISION FOR 2017. What you do not target, you cannot hit. What you cannot see, you cannot pursue. What you cannot pursue, you cannot possess. You must target something, picture it clearly, and pursue it vehemently in order to possess. There is no other way to begin a great year than to begin it greater than you began the previous year.

For as many people still reluctant about setting new goals for the year, these are a couple of questions that can help you get started;

What do you really want to achieve  this year?

What do you always look out for in every year as prospect to success?

What are you presently doing to achieve success in life?

What do you see missing presently in your life?

What do you wish you were able to achieve last year but didn’t?

What are your dreams in life and wish one is most realistic to you now?

What do you want to remember this year for in terms of your personal achievements?

Now, the answers to those seven questions might seem very similar, or even the same, just because they are supposed to help you become sincere with yourself and come to terms with what exactly you are pursuing in your daily life. If you have answered them correctly and/or privately, you will be able to come up with some SMART GOALS. Goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely in the year.

As usual, I will be here all the way to help enhance your reach and grasps in this adventure we all call life, to help fan to flame your authentic self, your happiness, and of course, your dreams because I believe in you.

Remember, with God, your greatness is guaranteed!



Happy 2017, Let’s do life together again this year.

With love,

Emuze Godfrey O.