Readers are leaders just as much as leaders are readers!

In order not to over-emphasize the importance of reading, i will just say it this way; Reading is to your mind what oxygen is to your brain. You must develop the habit of reading or constant learning if you are going to meet up and compete well or even participate well in this fast-paced world of constant change, innovations, and perception.

Constant Change because everything changes quicker than they just changed, that is, before you adapt to a particular change, whether in career, lifestyle or society, another change has occurred. It is as if the whole world is in a foray of endless pursuit of something new, something out of the ordinary, something never seen before. We pursue change everywhere as though we cannot be comfortable with anything less for a period of time unless it changes.

Constant Innovations because everyone keeps coming up with different ways of doing the same thing and/or different ways of doing different things. The 21st century advent of Internet, Information Technology, and the subsequent Social Media explosion that has come to stay and has forever changed our culture and way of life, localizing the experience of all humans into a single space of interaction, has opened permanently the lid on our mind and abilities, such that we are all inventor of some stuffs. Whether you use an app to manipulate a photo, a video, or just start a conversation to drive a new line of thought and gather a following, somehow you have invented something.

Constant Perception because everyone now sees things more differently than ever before. The percentage of those that are likely to have the same perception has become far less to those with different perception of the same thing. Therefore, there is a deliberate investment globally into the area of perception, an attempt to make people see the same thing of something, an effort to control the way we see things. It is called ‘Branding’, and others call it ‘Packaging’. Whatever name given to it, the objective is to control your perception so that you only see what they want you to see. This has become so surreal that it is getting increasingly difficult to see people that are truly sincere with who they are and who they want to be. They are just engrossed with who they want people to see them as! Who is fooling who? Whether you brand or package yourself successfully or not, at the end of the day, one thing is sure, YOU MUST LIVE WITH YOURSELF!

It doesn’t stop here, but I will move on to talk about the discipline of Reading practically now. I want to offer few suggestions to help us imbibe a great and consistent reading habit, become a permanent student of learning.

  1. Use every idle time to read something.
  2. Schedule deliberately the stuffs or books or articles you want to read
  3. Control and limit the time spent on social media.
  4. Dedicate some time into intentionally reading new books, pursuing new knowledge.
  5. Commit yourself to read something new every month that adds great value to your turf and edge in life.
  6. Schedule sleep and rest, never assume you will adjust, separate rest, reading, and sleeping.
  7. Carry with you the book you want to read always, e-copy or hardcover
  8. Create a personal library and a diary or journal that reminds you of your pursuit of knowledge and motivates you to do more
  9. Have reading partners, people you can share your new findings with and can read same book with.
  10. Understand and stick with the environment that suits you best for assimilation when reading. Whether, alone, in a library, restroom, restaurants, etc.


I hope these few suggestions help you in some way to get on with the discipline of reading, stay blessed!